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Ola World! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my website. My name is Naomi Sequeira, I’m 24 years old, born and raised in beautiful Sydney, Australia. However my heritage is Portuguese & Filipino with Spanish, French and British descent. .  I’m an Actress, presenter and Newbie Blogger. I love travelling, swimming in the mystical ocean and discovering magic.

The deeper intention behind creating this outlet is to make a positive impact in our society, by inspiring people who seek change and challenges but need a push and the right guidance to accomplish their desires, goals and experience pure bliss. There’s beauty and magical elements in discovering the world, getting yourself out there and pushing your limits whilst striving and achieving your dreams.


Hope my website brings some good ol medicine into your life, enjoy! xx.

"There is Magic &  Wisdom in what calls to your soul"
 - Phyllis Curott